Piano Keyboard

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The recommended keyboard for beginners:

Yamaha P125

All students are required to have a keyboard

in order to be able to practice their weekly lessons.

In this demonstration of the Yamaha P-125 you hear the sound of the keyboard’s direct output to a recording device. The hi-fi quality that you hear will not be same when listening through the P-125’s onboard speakers. The hi-fi quality of the sound on this video can be reproduced by connecting the keyboard to quality headphones or quality hi-fi speakers. The onboard speaker system inside the P-125 is adequate for practicing but it will not produce the astounding, concert piano sound represented in this video.

The recommended keyboard for

Late Intermediate and Advanced students:

Yamaha CP300

Yamaha CP300

Lessons at Upscale Piano are taught on the Yamaha CP300


18 Danville Road

Plaistow, NH 03865


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